Don't Play Nice

Long before the Auto-Tune debacle that is Ke$ha (I really hesitated to include that dollar sign in her name), there was Verbalicious, a one-girl rappin' force from the UK who unfortunately became a one-hit wonder with "Don't Play Nice," a hard-hitting jam from 2004 that's meant to be played with the volume turned up.

There had only been one club in L.A. that played Verbalicious back then, Tigerheat - back when it was housed at the Hollywood Athletic Club on Sunset (now known as Social) - and its thunderous bass always managed to bring people to their feet. The nifty rhythms and rhymes of this hot track puts those current singles by the aforementioned hot mess to shame.

*NOTE: Verb recently reinvented herself and now goes by Natalia Kills. "Zombie" is the name of her current single which can be found on the UK charts.


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