J.J. Abrams Knows My Childhood

Can the man who brought us Cloverfield and a new Star Trek do no wrong? (I'll let Morning Glory slide)

The new teaser trailer for Super 8, which debuted during That Football Game, proved that J.J. and good ol' Stevie Spielberg are attempting to make a generation of moviegoers revisit their childhoods and adolescences with this sci-fi thriller/adventure. These 30 seconds perfectly backed up the descriptions that have been leaking online about the film: It's a combo of Close Encounters, Stand by Me, E.T., The Goonies and The X-Files. In other words, it's a much-needed cinematic throwback to movies that once instilled a sense of awe and wonder (and genuine scares) in audiences. (Just look at those shots. Just listen to that orchestrated score!)

Whether or not that can be achieved with a 2011 crowd that's been gorging on comic-book movie after comic-book movie remains to be seen. I for one have put my faith in Mr. Abrams. At this point, if he were to direct a film or a TV show about shuffleboarding at a retirement home, he'd have my investment in a heartbeat.


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