The White Privilege Continues with One of the Most Insufferable YouTube Channels Ever

Meet BriannaJoy.

She's 18, married to her high school sweetheart, 19-year-old Jaelin, and loves to vlog about her life experiences.

Stuff like...what it's like to wake up next to her man every day:

Or...moving to Chicago -- and then leaving after one day because of a scary run-in with a mentally unstable person on the L train (I dare you to get through the whole video):

And when she's not vlogging about scary city life from the confines of gorgeous, remodeled kitchens with her baby-faced husband, she's discussing finer things like: back-to-school dating advice (because she knows men so well after dating one of them), make-up tutorials, and cooking Chrissy Teigen-inspired meals.

Here's the thing: I understand how easy it would be to go off on this adorable couple because of their jawdropping naiveté and sheltered life in general (FYI, the above video is trending on Reddit for all the wrong reasons), but a part of me does acknowledge that they are publishing their authentic viewpoints and sharing their teenage truths with the world. In other words, they can't help it if they come off as a pair of pampered children -- because that's the life they know.

However, BriannaJoy's channel is a glaring example of white privilege, and although I don't blame her and other YouTubers for perpetuating certain images (because, frankly, some of them don't realize how fortunate they are -- seriously, who pays for those fresh-looking apartments?), we should sit up and notice that sharing -- no, flaunting -- one's life for the masses has an affect on those impressionable brains watching these vids. 

Parents, forget television and movies. You may want to pay attention to who your kids are following and subscribing to online. And if you happen to be those parents who are funding your child's apartment/studio and video equipment for his or her own YouTube channel, thanks for contributing to the problem.

There's a much larger discussion to be had here, but right now, I'm too sick and tired to waste another minute on those who think a "struggle" is finding an Uber to get to the nearest Chipotle before it closes.


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