My 10th Comic-Con: A Nerd-Filled Milestone

2019 marks my tenth Comic-Con.

I've been attending the sprawling festivities in San Diego since 2007 (with a few years skipped here and there), and by now, I feel like I’ve witnessed my fair share of shenanigans and experienced enough of the tropes that accompany this annual gathering of like-minded pop culture junkies.

Awkward teens in ill-fitting Spider-Man suits. Nerd couples dressed in matching cosplay. TV networks debuting cryptodramas that are destined to last just one season. Yesterday’s TV stars attempting to remain relevant for today’s audiences. Beer bellies stretching out Captain America t-shirts. Collectors hauling oversized totes filled with figures that will be prominently shelved in basements. Autograph-seeking cinephiles on a quest to covet exclusive content...

Have I filled my quota? Probably not.



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