Treadmill Musings

Location: 24-Hour Fitness gym.
Time: 7:45am

Today, I will amp it up to Level 12.

That guy looks like LaFayette from True Blood.

Okay, is that smell coming from Old Dude Who Needs to Wear Longer Shorts?

Did I remember to turn on the dishwasher when I left the apartment?

Is it wrong of me to think that Fox News correspondent is hot?

Why is this TV tuned into Fox News?

"From here on out, I'll be your commander!"

I hope to God there's no one hovering near my locker when I go back in to shower. Out of all the lockers in the room, why does someone always have to pick the one RIGHT NEXT TO MINE?

Hey, where's that Wolf Blitzer lookalike? I haven't seen him in a while.

I'm hungry.

The water from this place tastes funny.

Does she really need to be wearing that much makeup on the elliptical? She's only going to sweat it off. Silly woman.

"That boy is a monster...m-m-monster..."

Must remember to edit that Comic-Con footage tonight on iMovie.

Shit, I have to be in the office a few minutes early to catch that 9am conference call.

I should've shaved at home.

I could come up with a really kickass concept for this music video.

If I freelanced, would I come to the gym this early in the morning? I should keep the routine if I do.

I need another vacation.

I need to RSVP to that press screening. Gotta email that publicist.

Must put together a to-do list.

I should write down these thoughts I have.


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