How I Spent My Winter Holiday Break


...was forced by my mother to watch/tolerate several episodes of NCIS, introduced the role-playing game of Mafia to my entire family on Christmas night, went on an excursion with my dad to find a power box for his ancient Dell desktop, went on an after-Christmas shopping spree at the mall with my cousins, battled a nasty cold during a trip to Boston, battled a nastier snowstorm on the drive back to New York, sat in on a podcast to offer my reviews of several movies, introduced my mother to the Crawley family via the Season 1 and Season 2 DVDs of Downton Abbey, counted down to 2013 in a very crowded apartment somewhere in Soho, indulged in some Dunkin Donuts, witnessed my parents enter into the 21st century as they purchased an HDTV (I predict/hope for an iPad by the year 2015), woke up from a highly emotional dream about meeting my literary idol in my best friend’s Manhattan apartment, feasted on lobster, doubled twenty bucks on a 25-cent slot machine, reminisced about my days in London with a friend I hadn’t seen in a decade, celebrated my grandmother’s 91st birthday at the same Italian restaurant where we celebrated her 90th, Instagrammed the hell out of a dozen or so photos in one week, had brunch with a college friend in Connecticut, had brunch with a potty-mouthed lawyer friend who never fails to make me laugh (never change, Michelle), stuffed my face with carbs with an old coworker in Port Chester, and saw The Guilt Trip with my mom, which hit a little too close to home.


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