Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera: Pop Diva History in the Making?

Last night's magical moment during the anticipated Christina Aguilera-Lady Gaga duet on The Voice arrived at the 2:34 mark when Mother Monster and Xtina grabbed each other's hand in a gesture of solidarity, obliterating all of the rumors that stained the blogosphere, pitting both superstars against each other in she said/she said bitchery. Needless to say, I was experiencing severe Whitney-Mariah flashbacks to 1998 when both singers performed "When You Believe" at the Academy Awards.

Sure, the whole thing could've been an ingenious PR move from both sides, but you have to hand it to Aguilera for sending out the message -- after the awesome performance -- that female artists need to stand together, continue to support each other, and leave all the diva rivalry bullshit behind.




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