Screw Resolutions: 14 Things To Do In 2014

These ain't no stinkin' resolutions. The following is simply a list of things I wish to do in the new year, little things to be mindful of while I navigate these sometimes treacherous waters we call social media...and that thing I call a life. Let's see what I'm capable of in 2014, shall we?

1. Stop using "Um" to start my status updates and tweets.

2. Resist the urge to call TVLand "the network where former sitcom stars go to die."

3. Say the word "love" more often. To people. To their faces.

4. Invest in a pair of Rockports. Something like these. With light blue laces.

5. Unsubscribe to e-newsletters that continuously flood my inbox.

6. Send publishers that book treatment I've been delaying.

7. Flirt more.

8. Get around to reading this.

9. Get my passport stamped again.

10. Continue to say "no," and be okay with it.

11. Finish The Fall on Netflix.

12. Practice more empathy.

13. Make more lists.

14. Continue to let go.

May 2014 bring you happiness and more.



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