I Took a 'What 90s Sitcom Are You?' Quiz. You Won't Believe What Happened Next.

I blame Buzzfeed.

I blame the like-minded nerds and nostalgic bloggers at America's latest Internet junk-spewing factory (and other websites) for causing my friends to populate my Facebook news feeds with trivial results and starved-for-attention headlines that only serve to enable my procrastination habits at work.

And I hate that I have to resort to similar tactics in my ongoing online journalistic endeavors. I mean, really? Has it come to this?

Apparently it has.

For every "You Won't Believe What This Nun Did to Sell Bible Cookies to a Group of Neo Nazis" there's a "25 Reasons Why Spam Can Save Your Life During a Zombie Apocalypse." And I'm pretty sure reputable newspapers across the country won't be far behind in adopting these methods to lure readers in learning about Something Important. Gone are the days of precise and clever wordplay in titles that are designed to intrigue readers. Now we have spell-it-all-out phrases that don't leave much to the imagination. The most mundane piece on housekeeping will now receive the most sensationalistic treatment in order to get a few hundred extra hits.

Everybody wants to rule the world of clicks and pageviews.

Pop Culture Rant of the Week complete.

Thank you.



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