F**k Coachella. I'm Going to the Festival of Books!

While some of you are sunburning, swigging Bud Lights, and waiting for Zedd to spin you into a tizzy out in the desert this weekend, I will be attending discussion panels, fondling paperbacks, and brushing shoulders with authors at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

Please refrain from any jealousy-fueled comments.

Don't get me wrong. I did Coachella many moons ago (in the ancient, pre-Twitter era of 2006). Sure, if someone were to offer me a ticket to the music fest (for free, natch), I'd grab some sunscreen, gas up the Scion, and make my way to Indio with plenty of cash saved up for those overpriced bottles of water and energy drinks.

But alas, I will be trekking out to USC with a few friends instead and proudly let my geek flag fly amidst my fellow bibliophiles while I try to find some inspiration to finish my own book writing endeavors (top-secret stuff...Shhhh).

Let's hear it for Book Pride!


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