'Clue' Turns 30: Let's Celebrate With Some GIFs, Shall We?

Clue, the 1985 movie adaptation of the popular murder-mystery board game (written by John Landis) that sparked a humongous cult following, is celebrating a humongous anniversary this year.

And yours truly, who has attended several midnight screenings of the film and watched it dozens of times on VHS, DVD, and Netflix, plans to celebrate alongside all of the quote-spouting die-hards who are just as obsessive as I am.

Has it really been 30 years? Let me count...

Well, either way, the geek out is real. I'm so excited! There isn't enough exclamation points to express my excitement! I'm so...

To those who don't understand the comedic brilliance of this film, which stars a venerable who's-who of the comedy world -- Brennan, Lloyd, Mull, to name a few --  or don't even realize that this movie exists:

I literally can't right now.

This movie taught me how to be an optimist, to look on the bright side of things...

...and educated me on the importance of a good, well-placed pun.

If anyone tells you otherwise or tries to convince you that this movie isn't worth a mere 90 minutes of your precious time, do not listen to them.

So grab some friends and loved ones...

...and get in on the fun, won't you?

Happy Anniversary y'all.

Your accident-prone, cognac-swilling, telegram-singing fan,



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