February 13, 2015

When Bad Music Videos Happen to Great Pop Songs: Taylor Swift's "Style"

The one song I was actually rooting for on Taylor Swift's 1989, "Style," officially became the third single off the mega-selling album, and we've finally been treated to a music video that is quickly being slotted in my "When Bad Music Videos Happen to Great Pop Songs" file.

First of all, there's no indication that this thing takes place at "midnight," and there's hardly any reference to T-Swift being picked up in a car with "no headlights." (In fact, in the last 5 seconds of the piece, we see a car roll up, headlights ablaze.)

Secondly, I don't see her suitor slicking back his "long hair." Granted, he is wearing a "white T-shirt."

And when the actual James Dean daydreamed, did each one of his eyes change colors?

Why do I get the feeling that director Kyle Newman (this is his first time helming a music vid - shocker) didn't listen to a single lyric of this song, and instead, used this as a way to update his reel, show off his capabilities, and audition for the Season 2 opening credit sequence of True Detective?

Or maybe this was his homage to TV commercials promoting knockoffs of a Calvin Klein fragrance from...well, 1989.

See for yourself:



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