2 Years Without Cable: The Journey Continues

I was a cord cutter before I knew what a "cord cutter" was.

Back in February of 2013, when I was unemployed and uninspired, I made one of the toughest decisions in my life (for me, at least): I cancelled my cable TV service. I wholeheartedly became a part of a generation that has plenty of alternatives to choose from when it comes to television viewing. (Thank you Internet!)

I joined the trend that once had advertisers shaking in their boots. I say "had" because, after working in this industry for the past 17 months, I've witnessed the innovative ways those ad people have created to sell products to a group that has shunned traditional broadcast commercials. Words like "experiential," "social," "viral," and "media buyers" are typically tossed around in my everyday worklife now.

Where there's a stream, there's a way.

This week marks 2 years of me being cable-free. And. It. Is. Glorious.

It's been a magnificent experience. I truly feel like I'm missing out on nothing.

You can even read about last year's anniversary in a piece I contributed to the January 2014 issue of Bello Magazine HERE.

The whole process of cutting the cord had been quick and painless. Sure, there had been some immediate shock and adjustments to make. But now I can say, with every fiber of my being, I can't imagine going back.

This is the future, y'all. Consider me living in it.



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