I Miss So Much

I miss hugs.

I miss sitting in a crowded restaurant, enjoying a delicious dinner and several glasses of wine with several friends, grateful for having made a reservation ahead of time.

I miss going to the movies at least once a week, smelling that popcorn as soon as I enter the theater lobby, my Pavlovian response kicking in.

I miss hosting an impromptu movie night at home, having several friends gather in my living room, passing around a giant bowl of popcorn.

I miss game nights that didn't require our phones or clicking on a link and huddling over my laptop.

I miss attending a live performance by an artist I love and respect.

I miss boarding a plane at least twice a year and the subsequent excitement and joy of flying off to a destination to unwind and escape demands of my job.

I miss ordering some guilty pleasure food at a mall food court.

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I miss seeing people briefly smile at me as I walk past them on the sidewalk (because they can see I'm smiling back at them).

I miss freely roaming through a supermarket without following arrows taped to the floor.

I miss waking up next to someone, seeing the morning light filter in through the blinds and land on bare skin, blissfully realizing the previous night was not a dream.

I miss when leaders and other authority figures were intelligent, empathetic, and legitimately cared about the lives of Americans.

I miss so much.

I miss you.



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