2008 Film Forecast

Calendars ready? The First Echo provides you with a flick for nearly every week of the year. *Obviously, release dates are subject to change.

Jan. 18 - Cloverfield: NYC gets a monster makeover.
Jan. 18 - 27 Dresses: Katherine Heigl and lots of wardrobe changes.
Feb. 8 - Fool's Gold: Matthew and Kate go treasure hunting.
Feb. 15 - Jumper: Hayden Christensen can teleport!
Feb. 15 - Step Up 2 the Streets: Channing Tatum 4-ever.
Feb. 15 - The Spiderwick Chronicles: umpteenth kid-lit fantasy comes to life.
Feb. 29 - Semi-Pro: Will Ferrell slam dunks.
Feb. 29 - Bonneville: Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates and Joan Allen go on a road trip.
March 14 - Horton Hears a Who: Dr. Seuss in CGI.
March 28 - 21: college kids con Vegas.
April 4 - Nim's Island: Jodie Foster's kid-friendly version of Romancing the Stone.
April 4 - Leatherheads: When Clooney met Zellwegger.
April 11 - Prom Night: PG-13 bloodshed.
April 18 - Baby Mama: Tina Fey + Amy Poeller, nuf said.
April 18 - Kiss the Bride: in this case, what the groom doesn't want to do (look for my cameo).
April 25 - Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay: the doobie duo gets down and dirty.
May 2 - Iron Man: Rob Downey Jr. gets a metallic makeover.
May 9 - Speed Racer: fast cars, psychedelic sets.
May 16 - The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian: the Brit pack is back.
May 22 - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Guy wears fedora and goes on adventure.
May 30 - Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Raunchy Summer Comedy #1.
May 30 - Sex and the City: Carrie & Co. reunite.
June 11 - Tropic Thunder: the one where Owen Wilson dropped out of filming.
June 13 - The Incredible Hulk: forget the Ang Lee version.
June 13 - The Happening: Mark Wahlberg vs. aliens, Shyamalan-style.
June 20 - The Love Guru: Mike Myers + Jessica Alba.
June 20 - Get Smart: Steve Carrell + Anne Hathaway.
June 27 - Wall-E: the Disney-Pixar tradition continues.
June 27 - Wanted: Angelina trains James McAvoy to be a superspy.
July 2 - Hancock: Will Smith as a slacker superhero.
July 11 - Hellboy II: The Golden Army: at least it's not a Golden Shower.
July 18 - The Dark Knight: Heath Ledger plays a clown.
July 18 - Mamma Mia: Meryl Streep sings.
July 25 - X-Files 2: Mulder and Scully learn more truths.
Aug. 1 - The Mummy: Curse of the Dragon Emperor: overdue threequel.
Aug. 1 - He's Just Not That Into You: Jennifer Aniston learns why her marriage failed.
Aug. 8 - The Pineapple Express: Raunchy Summer Comedy #2.
Aug. 8 - Eagle Eye: Shia LeBeouf suspenser; Disturbia, take two.
Oct. 8 - Valkyrie: Tom Cruise fights Nazis.
Oct. 24 - Trick 'r Treat - death by candy corn.
Nov. 7 - James Bond 22: Daniel Craig dons another tux.
Nov. 21 - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: more hell breaks loose at Hogwarts.
Nov. 26 - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Brad Pitt ages backwards.
Dec. 19 - Revolutionary Road: Leo and Kate reunite.
Dec. 19 - Yes Man: Jim Carrey back in the slapstick saddle.
Dec. 25 - Bedtime Stories: Adam Sandler reads a magical book.
Dec. 25 - Star Trek XI: J.J. Abrams's origin story.


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