Trailer Park: Volume 2

Our first trailer this week is for Doomsday from director Neil Marshall, the guy responsible for 2006's The Descent, during which I nearly browned my trousers. Here, he seems to lean more towards the popcorny side: Plague wipes out civilization. Survivors turn into mohawk-sportin' mutants. And a hot chick with a British accent leads a team into the danger zone in an attempt to save the little humanity that exists in the world. Looks better than Resident Evil. Feels a little like Escape from New York with a dash of Mad Max thrown in:

For those of you not into apocalyptic slaughter and mayhem, there's Baby Mama. Funny girl Tina Fey is a single 37-year-old woman who can't conceive, so she hires clueless surrogate mom Amy Poehler to bring her a child instead. Looks to be this year's more estrogen-friendly Knocked Up. And we're just tickled pink...or blue. Oh, and two words: Bathroom. Sink.

Doomsday opens March 14.
Baby Mama opens April 25.


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