By the Numbers

The new year ain't so happy in Hollywood.

The WGA strike continues in full force, and here's a breakdown of what's gone down after the first week of 2008:

62 = the number of scripted television shows that have been completely shut down, a loss of $160 million per week for the Los Angeles economy.

1,000 = the number of Warner Bros. employees who were given pinkslips after returning from their holiday break.

43% = the full capacity of my DVR, the lowest it's been since my favorite dramas have stopped producing new episodes.

4 = the number of boxed sets of TV shows I recently acquired on DVD to keep me company during this cold and lonely TV season (if you must know, they're seasons one of Dexter, Picket Fences and Strangers with Candy and season three of Lost - hey, I need the refresher before season four begins).


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