What Alanis Doesn't Want You to See

Earlier I had posted the new video for A.M.'s first single from her upcoming spring album.

And while revisiting one of my favorite artists of all-time, I came across these now-hilarious music videos from 1991 (probably for Canada's eyes only), way before the girl swallowed that jagged little pill.

God bless YouTube.

Video #1: "Too Hot" - In my favorite one of the bunch, Alanis channels Paula Abdul, does the Walking Man and throws her hands in the air and waves 'em around like she just don't care.

Video #2: "Walk Away" - Unfortunately, this ain't no Kelly Clarkson cover. A fresh-faced Matt LeBlanc is the object of Alanis's affection, and the two make puppy eyes during what appears to be a lost single from the Beverly Hills 90210 soundtrack.

Video #3: "Feel Your Love" - Like a Rhythm Nation audition reject, A.M. struts with the suited-up and the shirtless (quick, is that the muscleboy from C&C Music Factory?), and wants her beau to "give it to me like I like to give it to you."


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