Guilty Pleasure of the Week: "Unfriend You"

*Updated 6/30/11

It's come to this, kids: Pop songs named after Facebook-inspired verbology.

While overdosing on new music downloads this week (19 songs just today) I stumbled upon this surprising little ditty from everyone's favorite piano-playing angel who, if you ask me, will always kick Bieber's ass in the artistic prowess department. Greyson Chance (remember the kid who sang GaGa's "Paparazzi" at his school talent show?) has penned the light and airy "Unfriend You," a response to the lying, two-faced bitch who hurt his heart in the seventh grade (yep, he turns 14 this August - get over it).

For anyone who's ever been broken-hearted in junior high (For me, it was the sixth grade; a certain cheerleader who shall remain nameless flirted with me just to get to my best excuse me if this song resonates a bit with me):

PS - What's with the lens flares? Did JJ Abrams direct this?


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