Random Thought of the Week #32: American Pop Stars Who Want To Be British

Nicki Minaj has become infamous for breaking out a Cockney accent in some of her jams. The recently debuted (and adorable duo) Karmin close their catchy chorus with "That's right, come on, cheerio" in their buzzworthy single "Brokenhearted" (video below). And then there's Her Madgesty herself, the one and only Madonna, who's known for donning a posh English accent ever since she moved to London and shagged Guy Ritchie.

Are these American-born pop stars closeted Anglophiles? Why the need to adopt a British sensibility? Are they paying homage to our colonial ancestors? Or are they finally figuring out that artists from across the Pond are the (arguably) better musicians who happen to be currently hogging the spotlight?

Take a glance at the U.S. charts, and you'll see why. Brit boy band One Direction has topped the American Billboard album charts while those blokes of The Wanted are enjoying the success of their single "Glad You Came" (I was actually listening to it a year ago and think they've got better tricks up their sleeves). Then there's Jessie J who has made somewhat of an impact with "Domino" (I think she has yet to show her true colors). And let's not forget that soulful songstress from Tottenham, England, Adele, who continues to dominate radio with "Set Fire To The Rain" (personally, I can't wait for "Rumour Has It" to officially take over the airwaves).

Will 2012 be the Year of the Brit in American music? After waiting 11 years for my countrymen to catch on, I hope so.


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