Obsession of the Week: The Fitness Marshall

People have been making fitness videos since the dawn of Jane Fonda, but there's one instructor on YouTube who's been helping folks burn calories for the past 2 years with fun dance moves set to some of Top 40's biggest hits.

Meet The Fitness Marshall (real name: Caleb Marshall) who brings an undeniably fun attitude (and sass) to a number of hip-hop-inspired dance lessons for all shapes and sizes (a huge plus and welcome inclusion, especially after years and years of seeing the same sculpted bodies in similar videos). And thanks to his retorts and side comments during each dance, you'll burn double the calories by laughing and moving at the same time.

Whether he's shaking some ass to Meghan Trainor (wait for that breakout moment at 1:01)...

Or educating us on "sexy serious face" during Ariana Grande's "Into You"...

...he's inspiring my lazy ass to start my mornings off right with some much-needed movement.



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