8 Reasons Why August is the Crappiest Month

Let's face it. August is the red-headed stepchild of the months. When was the last time anything awesome came out of it (birthdays and vacations notwithstanding)? Consider this my long-ass Random Thought of the Week...

1. In most places, the eighth month of the year tends to be the hottest.  So congrats, August. You officially qualify to be called National Swamp Ass Awareness Month.

2. Despite the networks' adoption of year-round programming, there really is nothing to watch on TV -- the Olympics don't count. My DVR is currently filled at a light (and rare) 39%.

3. The shitty selections at the box office. Know anyone who's rushing to go see The Expendables 2, Sparkle, or The Possession?

4. Back-to-school ads are nothing to cheer about (unless you're one of the actors who booked a gig on one of them).

5. The mounting pressure to start thinking about Fall:

6. No national holiday = no 3-day weekend (Labor Day technically belongs to September).

7. Realizing you might as well quit that diet now since your swimsuit won't be seeing the light of day soon (plus, the holidays are practically around the corner -- time to stretch that stomach in preparation for those family feasts).

8. Dealing with incoming college freshmen and their parents as they fill up your local Bed Bath & Beyond and block your parking spaces with moving vans and overstuffed SUVs.

Anything else I'm forgetting?



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