In Response To The Symbols Opposing The Red Equality Signs

Regarding the red crucifixes and other symbols that are starting to pop up across Facebook (luckily I have yet to see one of my "friends" use it, and I choose not to share it here)...

Those who have set this opposing symbol as their profile picture have the right to do so because they live in a country that allows them the privilege to express their beliefs. However, they also continue to define an institution within a religious context with religious terms (granted, it's hard not to). Therefore I can't help but rightfully express my own frustration over the fact that this same institution is continually governed by such religions when our own government was created in a way so that these organized belief systems do not interfere with how the law is laid down. (Three words, kids: Separation. Church. State.) Crack open a history book and look up John Locke: the man was all about ruling with an "individual conscience" and reminding people that "faith is independent of reason."

In short, let's be reasonable, America.

Stepping down from the communal soapbox for the next proud American in line,



Jenn said…
I constantly shout "what about separation of church and state!?" when things like gay marriage or abortion are discussed. Why is the government involved at all?! It's no one's business but that person/couple.

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