Pop Culture Rant of the Week: A Harlem Shake with a Side of Fries

Snooki lost 42 pounds according to the recent cover of US Weekly. Translation: she misplaced the 10 bottles of Jaegermeister and 14 bottles of tequila she needs to pre-game this weekend.

The track list for Beyonce's new album has leaked and features more guest stars than a season of The Love BoatFantasy Island, and Will & Grace combined.

"You guys, enough with the 'Harlem Shake' videos!" Sincerely, the Internet.

Olympus Has Fallen opens in theaters this month. It's an action thriller about terrorists who hijack the White House and hold the POTUS for ransom. That's Hollywood for you: producing how-to guides for Al-Qaeda and everyone else who hates America.

All My Children is finally coming back -- as a web series -- much to the relief of housewives, college students, and little boys who wish to grow up and become Erica Kane. That's not a cliffhanger...that's just your media player buffering.

Taylor Swift's interview in Vanity Fair...oh, I'm not even going to bother. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have already taken care of that (thanks ladies).

I finally finished the first season of House of Cards on Netflix. Casting directors, can we please get more of Corey Stoll? That's all.



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